whether Arabic Philosophy or Islamic Philosophy ??

   Hello friends, the lovers of philosophy... You think, the philosophy adopted by Muslims that Islamic philosophy or Arabic philosophy ?
Hayoo...do  you know ??
Let no wonder... Let's just peeled !!

  I am inspired by many writers on philosophy are not the same as in giving a name to the philosophy used by Muslims, each of them some call "Islamic philosophy", and some are called "Arabic philosophy". Among writers who call it "Arabic Philosophy" is Emile Brehier in her book Histoire de la Philosophie <(History of Philosophy), and Lutfi al-Sayyid also use the term in its translation of the book Prolegomena Aristotle : Ethics for Nikomakus.
   The writer who uses the term "Islamic Philosophy" among others are Max Horten,German scholar in Islamic matters, and also the author of article "Philosophy" in the Encyclopedia of Islam; De Boer in his book TheHistory of Philosophy in Islam , Gauthier in his book Introduction a' l'etude de la PhilosophieMusulmane (Introduction to Philosophy of Islamic Studies), and Carra de Vaux in his book Les Penseur de l'Islam.
   The reason they use the term "Islamic philosophy" is because most of the characters are not of Semitic descent, that is not the Arab nation. So therefore, the philosophy associated with Islam.
   Carlo Nallino that can be said as one of the user group the term "Arabic philosophy", in his description of Arabic astronomy in the Middle Ages says:
   "if anyone objected to the term and said that "the Muslims" is more appropriate than "Arab", then I say it is not appropriate, for two reasons:
  • First, the word "the Muslims" will remove the Christians, Jews, Sabi'ah religious believers and other religions, who had no small part in the development of science and Arabic works, especially in the areas of mathematics, astronomy, medicine and philosophy.
  • Second, with the word "Muslims" then we should also discuss the works not written in Arabic, like Persian, Turkish ...
   So a more precise is to agree what that is widely used among modern writers, namely to use the word "Arab" in the term,that is attributed to the language of such works, not to a people ...
   So what is meant by the Arab philosophy by Carlo Nallino is philosophy written in Arabic...heuheu the Gaptek jump to conclusions alone.....no problem...

back to topic......!!!

   Actually the difference terms are only limited differences in name only, because after all, philosophy of life and the growing proliferation of these are under the umbrella of Islam, and most of his work written in Arabic. But if the meaning of Arabic philosophy is solely the work of the Arab nation, then it's not true. Because in fact, Islam has been uniting the various nations, and all have participated and contributed in the progress of philosophy.
   And if only the term "Islamic philosophy" is merely the result of Islamic thought, and even contrary to history. Since pre-Islamic Arabs first, influenced by the teachings of Nestorius and Jacobitas from Christian groups, Jews and adherents of religions Sabi'ah. Automatic in their socializing is always associated with the Christians and Jews who lived in his time. And socialization are more or less influence in the field of philosophy.

   After my review, I am careful and I observe...(jieeeh... language such as the intellectuals have you Gaptek..)Philosophy is more accurately described using the term "Islamic Philosophy"... remember that Islam is not just a religious observance of procedures governing, but also beautify the religious culture, especially the Arab culture. And philosophy are certainly influenced by culture. In itself the Islamic culture has very detailed teaching. Both of its problems, motives and objective guidance. Islam has been mixing and accommodate cultural diversity and unity of thought in one....Let's unite !!

how do you think?
whether Arab Philosophy?
Or Islamic Philosophy?

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