The concept of Information Technology Administration

  In modern organizational theory, the study of technology focuses on the various technologies used, and significance of various technology is to find the best way of organizing. Talking about the role of technology in organizations, it means that we focus on, "who does what, with whom, when, and how many times. when likewise applies to technology as a supporter of the administration activities, the technology is called technology administration.
with words other technologies to support and administration as an user or an advantage. For the use of technology within the scope of State administration. Dr.Akadun (2009:18) defines the State administration of technology as follow:
"Any business (weather by using tools, processes and mechanism of action and knowledge) for a collaborative process among two people or more to reach the destination country with a higher quality, more proportionate, more effective and more efficient".
  These limits give an explanation that the technology is an attempt to support the process or mechanism operating in the State administration. When technology and integrated administration wills create an achievement of high quality, effective, and efficient.
  Organizational theorists have been many definitions of technology contributed to the administration. Understanding and definition of technology is easier and more comprehensive as said Hatch (Dr.Akadun 2009:11) that "technology is a way to achieve something-that-desirable outcomes, goals and objectives or outputs are usually conceptualized as a product or service. " Thus, technology is part of an effort to improve the products or services more effectively and this efisien.Hal no other because the technology is the mechanism as well as facilities in an effort to increase productivity through improved production and service systems. Related to the ministry, Lucas (in Dr.Akadun 2009.115) says that the technology is "a set of tools that help you work with information and perform tasks related to information processing
   A good information technology system in terms of administrative services etc., basically includes not only physical things, such as computers and printers, but include things that are not physically visible, such as software and, more important is the human . Therefore, according to Kadir and Triwahyuni (in Dr.Akadun 2009, 115) "The main component is the information technology systems hardware (hardware), software (software), and the person (brainware)" Lesson Similarly, presented by Technology Atlas Project (in Dr.Akadun 2009:11) states: "The technology consists of hardware (hardware), organization (orgaware), information (infoware) and human (humanware)"
Reviewing the second opinion, then humans are part of the technology and organization as a container for the application of these technologies. The combination of these three elements, namely: people, devices and organizations to obtain information as an element of purpose.
  In an organization, technology is defined as the ability to recognize problems - technical problems and exploit the concept - a concept that cans solve existing technical problems. In line with the concept of the introduction of technical problems in the body of the organization, Autioe & Leimanen (in Lena & lina anatan 2008, 155) says that "technology is the equipment or devices such as equipment, software and hardware used to solve operational problems effectively within an organization" In other words, technology
  Refers to the operational activities of the organization who has the vision and mission, for each activity andcollection data and information effectively , acceleratedquickly , andused as support in the organization's operationalactivities and sub - systemorganization. Technology should be developed, either within the organization and business. characteristics or attributes of technology. According to the principle nature of the technology are:
  1.    Science and practice / experiment is a prerequisite for growth and development of technology. Controlled technology will be growing if it is divided or unused
  2.    Technology can be either virtual, knowledge of competition inherent in human beings (human embedded technology), to a physical shape as implicit knowledge embedded in machinery and equipment and the information contained by the system and organization. Technology is needed as an instrument which embodies and professional double folding individual potential.
  3.    Technology does not provide an use value if not applied (not divided and used appropriately in order)
  4.    As one asset, technology can be found, developed, purchased, sold, wanted or becomes worthless in order if the technology we have expired.
  5.    Generally (from a positive outlook) technology used to create human welfare or improve the quality of human life, both material aspects of life and non-material (humanity).
   Speaking of e-adm and e-government, beside its benefits as an incentive to create good governance, e-adm or e-Gove has set out the functions Dr.Akadun (2007,) including:
  1. Means of improving internal management, as support in decision-making system as decision supporting systems or executive information system.
  2. Improving public services as automation that is integrally connected services through the internet or other digital technologies.
   Thus, among the benefits and functions of information technology in the space of e-administration and e-government goal is essentially in the government sector with the emergence of various initiatives that are transparent to the improvement of access to global competition and
improved standard of living in a more rapid, efficient, and reliable . And the key to fulfilling these goals lie in the leadership and tactical direction of the selection of appropriate technology.

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